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Fundamentally, consumers have the mic and we’re all listening.  At PropelTree, we’ve made it our practice to stay updated with the evolution of advertising media. We keep pace with the churn. It’s how we make sure our marketing syncs up with how people really live, work and play in the real world and digital space.

Marketing & Media Services

We can make the best use of spend and your brand capital, marketing and media budget through an owned–paid–earned approach, . Basically, the media you own and earn can buy you more impact when mixed well with the media you buy.

We like to think of ourselves as media agnostic. We look at all opportunities in digital, social and emerging media as well as traditional. We analyze your objectives first and develop consumer insights. Then we plan the best way to reach both, your goals and people through the most relevant marketing channels. And with more consumer insight than ever before, we’re able to create and measure movement from attention and engagement to actual conversion. With analytics and real-time measurement, performance is more knowable than ever.

Owned media: The media you own like your company website, your product and your packaging.

Paid media: Media’s we pay to advertise like TV channels, Radio, print, online advertising, keywords searches.

Earned media:  Media which is earned through your reputation or product like public relations, Facebook profile, Twitter prifile, YouTube account.

It’s a revolution

We are in the middle of a content revolution. Hashtag campaigns have become as compelling as slogans, and a new follower is as precious as a fresh lead is. As of last year, nearly 90 percent of organizations are now marketing with content—going beyond traditional sales pitches by publishing relevant information, ideas, and entertainment that customers will value. Brand publishing allows companies to react in real time, provide increased transparency to customers, and strengthen brand identity at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional marketing.

Email marketing is a key to keep in touch with customers and continually nurture the relationship. At PropelTree, we consider this an important part of most media plans


Marketing and Media
Marketing and Media

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Channel Activations
Channel Activations

Leveraging the right channels in the right way to effectively drive the agenda.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Build brand awareness, generate leads and increase engagement through targeted content marketing customized for your B2B or B2C business

Niche targeting
Niche targeting

If your product or service is niche its always difficult to reach your audience. We collaborate with you to strategically reach them.